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Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing is a full-service business owned and operated by a disabled veteran. The goal of Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing is simple; to provide clients with accurate, effective leads that can increase sales, donations, voter interest, or whatever metric they are using for a mass market campaign.
If you are a business, charity, or even political group with a mandate to reach out to people and persuade them to buy a product, engage in a service, subscribe, donate, or even vote, then you need to reach out to many people. However, the biggest difference between today’s modern digital marketing and analytical techniques and old marketing approaches is that it is no longer the quantity of potential sales leads that matters but the quality.

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The Broadest Spectrum

The nature of business has changed a lot in the 21st century. Success in the general consumer market was determined largely by selling to the lowest common denominator in the largest numbers possible. The only way to do that was to generate awareness of a product or service offered, and the marketing followed a similar strategy. It wasn’t the best way, the most practical way—with the time and technology available to 20th-century businesses—was to advertise on the largest possible scale. The goal was to expose as many people as possible to a marketing technique, hoping that the law of averages would favor the business and that some of those who consumed the advertising would be receptive to the offered product or service.
This was far from ideal but was the only strategy available in the analog era. Techniques like billboards, television, or radio commercials were general approaches. All they could do was be deployed, usually in times or locations where research indicated many people would be present. However, precision and, perhaps more importantly, effectiveness was impossible to measure. Aside from direct mail, which could get some analytical data back through techniques such as providing an order form, or surveys, asking people if they could recall whether a specific piece of marketing motivated them to take action, it was challenging to get precise data on how effective marketing techniques had been in generating leads and sales for businesses. The best they could hope for was educated estimates based on statistical analyses, but no hard data was easily available.

Digital Changes The Game

The most crucial change with the advent and widespread use of digital technology is that data is now easier to access and analyze. This is the nature of the medium; to interact with other programs, everything must be rendered as data that can be tracked and logged. As a result, every interaction a user makes in a digital environment creates data that can be tracked. The only reason to not track data is if it violates privacy concerns, but the only barriers to tracking data are legal, not technical.
This has implications that go far beyond the digital environment. People often consent to digital tracking when they interact on websites, click links in emails, and create accounts with services. So someone that peruses many car and auto-repair websites are likely to agree to make that interest in automobile topics shareable. The same is true for people who make purchases on websites, where their preferences and product interests are tracked to make product references more suited to their specific interests. This is even true for donations and political activities, where people may consent to send similar charities or political endeavors to them.
This means that aside from digital technology tracking people’s behavior within a digital environment, those interests and behaviors can be preserved and shared. Perhaps more importantly, these interests are assigned to a specific individual, which means that associated data, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, and even contact details, are all attached and cross-referenced with those initial metrics.
For businesses and other organizations, this provides the ability to do something 20th-century marketing was unable to do, and that is, more precisely, target the market. Instead of a blanket marketing technique that was exposed to as many people as possible in the hopes that some would have an interest, these metrics make it possible to hone in specifically on people that have indicated an interest and thus a higher amount of receptivity. So, for example, if a business creates an app to help people meditate, it’s no longer necessary to create a television or radio commercial hoping a meditation enthusiast is watching or listening when the commercial is broadcast. Instead, marketing for the meditation app can be sent as email or direct mail to people already known to be interested in meditation.

Data Comes From Many Sources

The data used in market research, analysis, and targeting comes from a broad array of different areas. While it all ultimately comes to the client in digital formats, there are many other sources for acquiring. Online vendors, for example, gather their own data about their customers. Then there are organizations that are dedicated primarily to data acquisition and management. In the world of auto parts and pricing of vehicles, for example, Kelley Blue Book has been compiling car prices, ownership, and other associated data for over 100 years. Similarly, important ownership data such as VINs can be obtained through data groups such as Auto VINdication.
In some cases, data is gathered by the general public willingly sharing their data. For Business To Business purposes, for example, it’s common for executives and other staff to donate business cards at seminars and other events to be used explicitly for the purpose of providing contact information for networking and marketing purposes on topics, products, and services that are relevant to their industry or area of focus. People who subscribe to newsletters or create accounts for web services volunteer their information to be used in market research. Of course, for students, a wealth of information is collected as they move through the different levels of schooling, and this information can be shared with appropriate businesses and organizations.
In all cases, it is possible to collect this data efficiently, legally, and ethically. With so many different data collection avenues, rich marketing and research sources can be acquired. The challenge is to do something meaningful with that data.

Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing Makes Data Meaningful

One of the biggest advances to come out of the information technology era is colloquially known as “big data.” This form of analysis uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accommodate a client’s requirements and then scour huge amounts of data in short amounts of time. Where it would take a human days, or even weeks, to go over thousands or hundreds of thousands of entries on individuals to sort them out by age, ethnicity, or even hobby interests, big data analytics can perform this arduous but thorough work in a matter of minutes.
For clients, this means that the expected data, such as contact details, is at the foundation of the market data they receive. However, the true value of Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing is the ability to process huge amounts of data according to the metrics defined by the client to present lists that are more closely aligned with the product or service a business offers. So if a company has medical assistance tools designed to aid seniors, the market data received will only reflect potential customers within the desired age range, and will not include any data, for example representing high school graduates about to go into college who are in their physical prime and would have little to no interest in such products. Only through big data analytics can metrics such as age, income, interests, and even consumer behavior be rapidly tracked and collated from vast data sets for more precise market targeting.

Constantly Evolving

Another important aspect of Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing is the understanding that data is something that constantly changes. For example, a data set for senior citizens is a “living document” in that some elderly pass away while other adults finally enter their senior years. In the same way, student listings are a revolving door of students in their final year graduating, while a fresh batch of new students also come of age. If these changes aren’t taken into account, clients can receive marketing data that is inaccurate, as may be the case if marketing data is sent to an address of someone who no longer lives there or wasted, in the worst-case scenario of printing materials and absorbing the expense of sending marketing material to someone who is no longer alive.
Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing makes it a part of its business practice to regularly re-evaluate and reassess current databases to ensure they remain current. It is not enough to acquire a database; it is important to sort through and consider new changes periodically. For example, a database of people living in California that is 50 years old is not particularly useful to anyone that wants to do marketing in California today. Currency is another aspect of the data that brings value to it.

A Variety Of Sources

Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing has its own vast collection of databases and is constantly acquiring more from trusted vendors. In addition to harvesting and acquiring its own data, the company also works with various partners to access larger and more specialized databases, maximizing the total resources available to clients. The result is a huge wellspring of data points that can be used on their own, such as contact details to reach out to customers in a variety of different formats, or cross-referenced and used in big data analytics to hone in on specific characteristics for more precise, targeted marketing.
This combination of in-house, self-acquired, and self-managed data, along with constant acquisitions from other vendors and partnerships with other businesses’ database archives, ensures that this is database access that can’t be found anywhere else. The data is accurate and timely and benefits from USPS certification, so you always know when your direct mail marketing has been received. It is a unique and comprehensive storehouse for many different needs.

Who Benefits?

Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing can make this data available to a variety of different client needs, including:

General Consumer

One of the largest markets is the general retail consumer. In some way, shape, or form, nearly all Americans fall into this category based on the product or service that is being offered. Among the different markets that can be tapped here are areas such as:

  • Gambling
  • Mail-order buyers
  • Financial services
  • Cannabis products
  • Travel & tourism
  • Insurance
  • Recreational vehicles such as trikes
  • Home improvement
  • Solar power
  • Student products and services

And many, many more. Any product or service can be potentially marketed to a large audience; it’s just a matter of knowing that the interest is there and targeting those demographics specifically.

Charitable Causes

Donations and charities rely on the generosity of other Americans, but while many are willing to donate, most have limited means and prefer to donate to specific causes and interests. People with environmental leanings, for example, will prefer to donate to environmental causes. At the same time, those concerned with social welfare might be more interested in donations for civil rights, those experiencing economic hardship, or even women’s shelters for those trying to escape harmful, abusive situations.
With Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing, it’s now possible to align a charitable cause with donors interested in that area. This makes it much more likely that donations will be inbound. In the case of emergency donations, such as disaster relief, these databases make it possible to canvass a huge number of potential donors all over the country.

Political Activities

The United States is a democracy, so those that carry out the political mandate are put there by voters. It’s therefore crucial during an election to reach out to as many eligible voters as possible and either persuade them to vote or, in more comprehensive instances, garner political donations or even donations of time as they volunteer to support political activities.
Depending on the requirements, eligible voters in an area can be provided or targeted specifically by affiliation if they are registered as Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. The nature of the election or political activity will determine the scale and scope of how many voters and lists will be required. These can be provided for every state in the union for local, state, and federal-level election events.

How We Can Help

Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing can provide the marketing information that customers need. The data can be sorted across numerous categories, one of the most important being geography. Contact details are available at the national level for nationwide campaigns. However, the size of these campaigns can also be narrowed. Regional campaigns, like targeting only the Pacific Northwest, are easy to accommodate. Marketing efforts can also be scoped down and localized even more to a specific state, like Oregon, and further to a particular neighborhood within a single town or city, such as targeting only the Pearl District residents in Portland.
Of course, the other important element of the databases provided is the metric or demographic breakdowns based on analytics. Contacts are more than just destinations; they are people with specific characteristics. The metrics can be categorized across many different factors, like ethnicity if a campaign is aimed primarily at African-Americans or by faith-based divisions if a product or service is of interest to the Jewish community. Economic rankings are also available if high-net-worth individuals are the preferred target market. It’s even possible to target consumers by specific ailments, such as asthma, allowing for more specificity and resulting in more interest, engagement, and response.

The Contact Formats You Want

Databases are available with contact points in multiple formats based on client goals. Direct mail provides physical mailing addresses for general consumers and businesses in the case of B2B marketing. The same applies to email addresses, with private individuals for consumer needs and corporate contacts available for B2B. For marketing strategies that use direct conversations, telephone numbers are available. Numbers are provided for residents in the case of general consumer marketing, but for the B2B level, include the relevant decision-maker rather than the less efficient receptionist or general corporate number. Cellular phone numbers are also available for marketing strategies involving text/SMS promotional strategies.
Special services can also be provided based on client requests. For example, some companies might be interested in the hands-on management of a marketing campaign but hesitate due to a lack of experience. Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing offers a turnkey direct mail solution. This special service takes clients through all the stages of the direct mail process. From conception to print, then distribution, it all happens under one roof, bypassing the usual need to source and vet different vendors at different stages of the process. A turnkey email marketing service is also available for companies that would like to have similar guidance for their digital marketing efforts.

So if you have a product, service, charity, or political activity, we can help. Contact Rhode Island mailing list Worldwide Marketing for the leads that can make a difference.